Our donors support our programs for Santa Barbara County. 

For over four decades, The Arts Fund has been committed to programming that nurtures local talent, enriches arts education, and promotes public awareness of artists in our community.

With your financial assistance, we will continue to help launch emerging artists and educate the next generation through our transformative programs.

Those who share these values and believe that a creative community is a stronger community can show their support with a generous donation to The Arts Fund today. In doing so, you join a distinguished list of community advocates of all ages and income levels.


A Few of Our Loyal Supporters

Individual Support

Sasha Ablitt
Marcy Carsey and Susan Baerwald
Graham Bell
Susan Bower
Gary Elkins and Jayne Brechwald
Claudia and David Chapman
William J. Cirone
Marcia and Mike Cohen
John Cohen
Ronnie Cox
Leslie Cunningham
Oswald DaRos
Angi Daus
Joan Davidson
Gene Sinser and Patty DeDominic
Jeanne Dentzel
Shirley Dettmann
Diane Dodds
Jamie Dufek
Cathryn Dunkley
Robert and Christine Emmons
The Berkus Family
The Castagnola Family
Rosalind and Ronald Fendon
Nancy Fiore
Elisabeth Fowler
Rosemarie Carrillo Gebhart
Michael and Nancy Gifford
James and Diane Giles
Stephen Hiatt
Joanne Holderman
Christine Holland
John Hood
Cindy Howard
Roger and Lynn Karlson
Herb and Elaine Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennelly
Paul and Annie De Bruyn Kops
Carrie Towbes and John Lewis
John and Lillian Lovelace
Leatrice Luria
Bob Manger
Cynthia and Ted Martin
Ted Mills
Rafael Perera
Paul Longanbach and Donald Polk
Nancy Grinstein and Neil Rabin
Claudette and Jim Roehrig
Richard and Maryan Schall
Kyle Slattery
Ginny and Garrett Speirs
Peter and Debby Stalker
Mary Dee Thompson
Pamela Larsson-Toscher
Frank Umanzio
Daniel and Dianne Vapnek
Suzanne Von Drehle
Andrew Wilson
Mary Whalen


We appreciate one-time individual donations in any amount! Your donation helps us to continue to offer arts programs and community opportunities in Santa Barbara County.

Donate online, by mail, or phone.


A monthly donation of any amount can make a huge difference in our ability to offer art programming to Santa Barbara County.

* Suggested donation $20/month

Pledge to be an annual donor and help our programs grow! Art Ambassadors are invited to attend unique donor receptions and collaborate with The Arts Fund on community needs.

* Annual pledge starting at $1000/year


We can help ensure that your money directly benefits the local community.

Sponsors have ongoing membership to all public and donor events, and we will include your business in our materials.


Help sustain the future of The Arts Fund with legacy giving and planned gifts. We also welcome transfers of stocks and other securities and assets. 
Please contact us directly for more information.