Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences

See it. Hear it. Move within it.

As part of bringing MSME into the Community Gallery program, The Arts Fund took over the lease for MSME’s 3,000 square-foot multi-use space in La Cumbre Plaza. The MSME (pronounced “Miss-Me”) will continue to be an interactive museum destination, designed for exploring the next generation of media arts. 

Interact with your body and senses in this energy-filled mecca of collaboration and kinetic wonder. The museum features installations of experimental time-based art, both contemporary and historic, offering an experiential journey through the history of interactive art. 

100% of MSME ticket sales go directly to benefit future Arts Fund programming. If you are interested in participating as an artist or sponsor, please contact us!

Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences
& The Arts Fund Community Gallery

La Cumbre Plaza, Suite F119
121 S Hope Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Come visit us in La Cumbre Plaza, just 10 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara. Parking is free!

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