Public Art Program

Collaborating to bring art into public areas of Santa Barbara County.

Initiated in 2015, the goal of The Arts Fund’s Public Art Program is to establish locations for public art projects and installations in an effort to keep art alive and maintain the creative signature of our community. We work directly with property and business owners along with selected artists to create site-specific public art projects such as murals, sculptures, and installations. Our goal is for public art to add to our community’s already dynamic environment and attract a wider audience to the arts.

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Isla Vista Mural Project

The Arts Fund worked in collaboration with Isla Vista Parks & Recreation on their Mural Project in Little Acorn Park. So far, The Arts Fund has helped curate three murals, now displayed on the fence around the park.


Chanté (they/she)

Dez Porter (she/her)

Riechal “Riqui” Zonelysse Paras Martinez (she/her)

Other Public Art Projects

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