2020 Studio to Student Mentorships

In response to COVID-19, The Arts Fund launched the Studio 2 Student program, and in 2020 brought four virtual mentorships to the teens of Santa Barbara County. 

This new chapter of the Arts Fund’s Teen Arts Mentorship Program worked with work many talented young artists in our county, and we are very proud to present their final works. Through all the changes we had seen in 2020, all of our teens still showed their talent, adaptability, and creative drive for the art forms that they are passionate about. 

Thank you to all the teens who participated, and thank you to all the mentors who created and instructed these wonderful mentorship classes.

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Mentorship with Cie Gumucio, May 2020

Online Singing Performance

Mentorship with Chad Ruyle, September 2020
Mentorship with Yuliya Lennon, August 2020

On-Camera Acting

Mentorship with Michael Brusasco, June 2020