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2017 3D Printing Mentorship

The Teen Arts Mentorship Program

$100 sponsors 1 student for 1 mentorship
$1500 sponsors 1 local artist to provide a mentorship
$2500 sponsors a mentorship with 10 students

Students from both public and private high schools in the county are offered mentorships on a quarterly basis for free.  Your charitable grants and donations support the stipends paid to the professional artists, teachers and professors who lead the mentorships, as well as cover the cost of the course materials, art supplies and studio space rental.

The Teen Arts Mentorship program was started 20 years ago with a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.  Since that time the program has mushroomed. We are exceptionally proud of the expansion of the program which now includes mentorships in assemblage, collage, creative writing, dance, drawing, film making, painting, photography, print making, sculpture and more.  

Our mentorships, generally offered four times a year, allow for small, intimate classes led by professional artists/teachers. The expansion of these art education opportunities over the years demonstrates our commitment to serving our community, and this success would not be possible without the ongoing support of local foundations and other donors. Your sustained generosity will allow The Arts Fund to continue to provide and build groundbreaking, educational opportunities for the next generation.

The Public Art Program

$5000 sponsors 1 mural, including materials, permits, and an artist stipend

The goal of our Public Art Program is to establish locations around the neighborhood for public art projects such as murals, sculptures, and installations in an effort to make art more visible to visitors. We hope that in time the public art will attract a larger audience for the arts and help to maintain the creative signature of the neighborhood.

"Tengoku / Sky Country," 205C Santa Barbara St. (2017 Michael Irwin)
“Tengoku / Sky Country,” 205C Santa Barbara St. (2017 Michael Irwin)

The Arts Fund Community Gallery

$1500 sponsors 1 exhibition at our gallery

Your charitable grants and donations support the staff and materials used to maintain the area’s only nonprofit Community Gallery. We offer emerging quality artists of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to exhibit their work.  Exhibited work includes the work of students in our Teen Arts Mentorship program. Work is selected based on its artistic quality and the creative potential of the artist.

Located at the center of the Funk Zone arts district, our gallery attracts many locals and visitors. Through our exhibitions, artist talks and demonstrations, we are able to share the talents and insights of our artists and provide the public with greater awareness and excitement about the local arts. The Arts Fund Gallery has hosted over 120 exhibitions and showcased over 500 artists during the past decade. Your support allows this important exchange of artistic vision and understanding between artists and viewers in the community.


You can make a difference for The Arts Fund! Our generous donors help ensure that the arts continues to thrive in Santa Barbara County, and that students and professionals alike have the opportunities and resources to develop and share their passion for art and creativity.

Your donation helps create myriad opportunities to support local artists and businesses. By donating, you are directly investing in our youth and the future of a sustainable local arts community. Together, we can cultivate Santa Barbara County’s creative minds and continue to build a community on the foundation of empowerment, innovation, and success.

The Arts Fund offers a variety of donation options to suit your individual circumstances, from one-time individual donations to monthly payments to corporate giving. Read more about our options above, and make your donation count!


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